We at Singh Handicrafts you will witness the true reflection of craftsmanship in eloquent designs mastered over the ages by some beautiful hands of sculptors in Rural Rajasthan. 

We are direct manufacturers of statues of all kinds of Gods and Goddess, Animals,   etc.

In our Artist’s den, some finest hands of Royal Rajasthan are working tirelessly to create masterpieces by shaping some finest quality marble and finishing to its perfection to give you a traditional and cultural soul for the generations to witness.

Indian culture and values not only reflect in designs but also it is our mission to provide. Best quality at competitive rates. We will beat every price with unbeatable quality and all services will be provided under one roof.

We showcase the great Indian arts in Marble created by hand and in Jaipur. Jaipur is the home of marble sculptures where the artisan tradition has been brought down from generations. In our workshop section take a better look at the handwork of the artisan’s chisel. We have a dedicated band of artisan who creates magic in marbles. 


We excel in the arts of temple arts, of that deities and Gods, our temple art of images of Gods and Goddess find a place in many temples in India and abroad and are the aspirations of many worshippers. We also excel in roman figures, animal figures, and marble furniture.

We also deal in all kinds of Marble art like Statues, Animal Figures, and furniture. Your religious journey to find some exceptional Marble art of Indian Gods and Goddess in different sizes, beautiful colors carved in the best available Marble with expertise mastered over the ages by the artists of Jaipur will end here.

Our Mission is your satisfaction and Our achievement is your trust earned over a period of time by serving the best quality at the cheapest price.